Haulout 2008


Tuesday, October 7 | Distance Travelled: 0.4 nm

sailing photoAfter a nice season, haulout day arrived. As usual, this was a bittersweet moment. With fall upon us and winter approaching, the weather in Falmouth becomes too unpredictable and despite many great sailing days that might remain, it becomes clear that the time to haul has arrived.

Tuesday Solo Sail

Tuesday July 1 | 5.3 Nautical Miles

sailing photoSnuck out for a nice hour-and-a-half afternoon sail. Wind started light, but filled in for a nice clockwise sail around Clapboard. 6.1 knots on the reach. Picked up mooring under sail at 1540. Installed chafe gear on one pennant of the mooring, then managed to slice the bejeezus out of my thumb with the rigging knife. Departed boat 1610.

Light Air Sail with Sandra Lee

Sunday, June 29 | 5.4 Nautical Miles

sailing photoHeather, Gavin, and I had a nice light air sail on Sunday. We had strong morning showers, and rain again in the evening, but we squeezed in a nice 2 hour sail. Our friend Dan on the Sandra Lee was about the only other boat out there for most of the time. Sailed around with him for a while before heading in. Very pleasant.

June 27: Fishin'

sailing photoGavin and I headed down to the boat specifically to do a little fishing. Gav had a new rod that he wanted to try out, there was no morning wind, and we had afternoon plans. It was a nice way to knock off a couple of hours.



sailing photoBritton's boat is in pieces. Tim's boat is far away. Mike's boat... well... we're not sure why Mike isn't using his boat.

But regardless, I decided it would be fun to invite the boys out for a daysail aboard Dasein. And so it was. June 26, the bay to ourselves, and only a little dampness. Oh, and the cheesy comestibles!

A Short Trip Into Fog


With a generally fair forecast for Saturday, we planned to enjoy a nice daysail. After dealing with some errands in the morning, we invited a friend along and headed down to the boat to enjoy the sunshine. Sadly, the sunshine was short lived and we were soon enshrouded in fog.

Overnight to Chebeague Island, June 14

| | |

cruise photoAfter a nice night aboard we headed back to PYC to avoid the nasty weather that was forecast for Saturday night into Sunday. There wasn't much wind, but we managed the short return without firing up the engine at all.

Overnight to Chebeague, June 13

| | |

cruise photoWith no long cruise on the schedule for the summer, we were anxious to at least get out for a few overnights and possibly long weekends. To that end, we scheduled our first overnight for the weekend of June 14. Though the weather didn't seem to be promising for Saturday night into Sunday, we mangaged to get out on Friday evening for a night aboard.

Cruise 2007 Video


We put together a little video from our 2007 Penobscot Bay Cruise. It's a 15meg Quicktime video file. Enjoy.

Click here to view.

Cruise Preparedness

The forecast for the weekend was for favorable weather on Saturday, and questionable weather on Sunday. But we were hoping to get out for at least an overnight and Heather thought she could get out of work by midafternoon on Friday, so we planned to head to some nearby location for Friday night. To that end, I spent most of Thursday afternoon packing and prepping for our first overnight, then loading gear aboard.

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